IT Trust offers long-term cost savings and the freedom of having power without the stress of load-shedding. But to get the return you expect on your investment, you need expert advice and professional installation services.

IT Trust has an experienced division that can assist you with your power requirements for business as well as domestic.

Alternative Power

Seeing that we offer a one-stop shop for all your IT business requirements we thought it best to offer you power as well. Now we can ensure the computers stay on and protected.

Trust us to design and build a alternative power system that meets your needs – within your budget. In fact, we will also help you manage and maintain your system for peak performance.

We offer energy-efficient / renewable solar energy solutions, ensuring client satisfaction through sound business practice, industry skills, support systems, with strategic and effective partnerships for a sustainable customized solution

We believe everyone should have access to economical, sustainable power. We understand the issues caused by load-shedding and the difficulty of relying on a single unreliable source for power.

That is why we have made it our mission to remove the barriers to reliable, clean energy by making it more affordable for everyone.

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